In many ways, it feels like the world is your oyster this month. Good weather and opportunities for play abound. Invitations are coming from everywhere. Of course, there are limits. There are certain things you just have to do. Whether it’s paperwork or handling a small roof repair yourself- these things just need to get done. You’ll be stuck until you get past them. It’s in your best interest to figure out all those loose ends at the beginning of the month. You’ll be rewarded for this.

Socially, you’ll be feeling affectionate and that will be reciprocated. Your love interest, your friends and your bestie will all make time to enjoy a night by the grill with you. Mercury Retrograde is happening around August 13 and will go direct just after Labor Day. This can lead to miscommunications, system crashes, lost travel tickets and the related stress but it also means running into old friends. Laughter really is the best (sometimes the only) medicine. After the emotionally and financially challenging atmosphere of 2016 and 2017, we need a reason to feel good. We need to worry less and rediscover that childhood playmate optimism! You’re holding back a lot lately. Be yourself. Be diligent, tenacious and but also joyful.

When you’re learning something new, you feel excited. So stoke that excitement. Use the stubborn side of your character to reorganize your crawlspace. Do not demand that everyone bend to your rigid concept. Do not spend 3 hours trying to upload a new video. Do not get stuck in a mental loop. Apply hard work. Remind your team about the laws and rules of your industry…and let go. Take a break and return to the edit suite later. You need to play more. Whether it’s work or drumming up new work or arguing on Twitter, you do not rest much. It’s time to schedule some room to breathe. Add to this, you will have a substantial feeling of love and success by month end. This will remind you of how good it feels to be on top. And that things change in an instant. Sometimes it takes gads and gads of work to get nowhere. And other times, your perceived obstacle will blow away like paper. It can be that easy. You may not need to work hard to receive a charming moment of great public recognition.

Modern intuitive Erika Schweizenheimer uses tarot readings to bring clarity to relationships, career and politics. She writes tarotscopes that offer direction in a mad, mad world.