We are pleased to announce a program of curated Special Projects, performances, podcast conversations, and events for the upcoming 2023 edition.Untitled Art’s programming is part of a curatorial platform spearheaded by Artistic Director Omar López-Chahoud and Director of Development and Curatorial Affairs Clara Andrade Pereira in support of the wider arts ecosystem – both globally and locally in Miami.
Untitled Art, Miami Beach 2023Wednesday, December 6 through Saturday, December 9, 11am-7pmSunday, December 10, 11am-5pm

Image: Vera Chaves Barcellos, Epidermic Scapes (1977-2022). Courtesy of the artist and Zielinsky (Barcelona, Spain / São Paulo, Brazil).

Special Projects, presented throughout the fair, call attention to curatorial focuses and new artistic voices. Highlights this year include:

  • bitforms (New York, NY) is bringing a selection of Manfred Mohr’s earliest computer-generated plotter drawings (circa 1970) showcasing his first implementation of the hypercube through the seminal video work, Cubic Limit (1973-74). This special project distinguishes Mohr’s pioneering use of algorithms decades before it became a tool of contemporary art.
  • Gerd Leufert’s NENIAS (1965-1985/2023) is a wall installation presented by Henrique Faria Gallery (New York, NY). The term “Nenias” has been used by the artist since the early 1960s to identify a series of figures he developed. The conventional meaning of the term comes from music, referring to certain old songs or lamentations reserved for funeral rites. These forms, now adapted for new space and spectator, fuse together ancestral cosmogonies with contemporary figures able to transcend the diverse currents of anthropological and indigenist thought.
  • Epidermic Scapes (1977-2022) by Vera Chaves Barcellos showcases a series of images of the artist’s and other people’s skin enlarged to such an extent that their indexical function is lost as they take on a more abstract appearance, presented by Zielinsky (Barcelona, Spain / São Paulo, Brazil). The artist’s intention is to expand the images to such an extent that they could be displayed on the floor or wall in a monumental way and as if they were terrestrial landscapes.
  • El Kilómetro (San Juan, Puerto Rico) presents Awilda Sterling-Duprey’s Blindfolded (2020-present), part of her series of dance drawings where the artist blindfolds herself to make abstract marks on wall-mounted paper in response to salsa and/or jazz improvisations. Blindfolded was included in the 2022 Whitney Biennial where the artist created the work via performance within the installation itself. Similarly, as part of this year’s Special Projects sector, this iteration of the series will be activated during the artist’s performance at 11:30am on Wednesday, December 6th.
The full 2023 program is now live on our website, and we look forward to sharing more highlights as we draw closer to the 12th edition of Untitled Art,
Featured Image: Erick Antonio Benitez, Software for People v2 (2023). Performance 12/7 at 5pm. Presented by Selenas Mountain (New York, NY) and supported by Y.E.S. Contemporary. Courtesy of the artist and Selenas Mountain.