First hand reports and dreams of some of the world’s hottest locations for spring travel, 2024. If you are seeking art + design in a luxurious, natural environment then the following is just for you!


Ibiza, Spain 

By Kat Fuschi ~ An idyllic retreat situated in the heart of Ibiza, Can Lluc Hotel offers a unique blend of luxury and tranquility for discerning travelers seeking an authentic island experience. Nestled amidst the serene countryside, Can Lluc captures the essence of Ibiza’s rich culture, lush nature, and laid-back way of life. The property was transformed from an old family farm into a luxurious complex, blending modern amenities with rustic charm.

Villa Can Lluc with Kat

Can Lluc is designed to cater to both couples and families seeking a serene escape. The property features a collection of rooms distributed like small villas across the sprawling finca, providing guests with ample privacy and tranquility. Its central location offers easy access to all corners of the island, ensuring guests can explore Ibiza’s vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and lush nature reserves.

Can Lluc places a strong emphasis on sustainability and conservation. The dedicated team at Can Lluc takes great care to protect the Finca and its natural surroundings. This commitment is an integral part of the Can Lluc experience, ensuring that guests can revel in the beauty of the island while knowing they are contributing to its preservation.

Can Lluc Hotel Rural & Villas has been recognized by the prestigious Louis Vuitton Guide about Ibiza, securing a place among the top luxury hotels such as BLESS, NOBU, OKU, and SIX SENSES.

With a vision to solidify the resort’s position among the top rural establishments in Ibiza, the second generation Blanca & Miriam Prats are joining the Can Lluc family to foster and share the serene atmosphere, spacious facilities, of this close-knit family managed hotel.

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Borgo Santo Pietro, Italy 

If the featured image of the 5 star luxury hotel grabbed your attention, please take a moment to consider the view from this zero entry, infinity pool. Situated in the heart of Tuscany, Borgo Santo Pietro is a boutique hotel founded by Jeanette Thottrup and her husband, Claus, who are originally from Denmark. Together they produced what they refer to as a “healing sanctuary for modern day pilgrims”.

Jeanette worked in London as a fashion designer (2001) before she and Claus moved to Tuscany to start what was initially a boutique, 6-key property, alongside a “farm” alongside. However, it has grown into Borgo Santo Pietro, a fully self-sustainable eco-system of over 300 acres.

“Connecting with nature, farming, and slow living is part of our DNA,” said Jeanette. “We are passionate about the way we live and we want to share this knowledge with our guests.”

At Borgo, Jeanette dramatically changed her lifestyle – opting for a balanced diet, acupuncture, and natural remedies. Inspired by this experience, she devoted herself to studying natural medicine and became a Journey Practitioner. As Jeanette dug deeper into her field, she discovered the untapped potential of nature’s active properties in skincare when combined with advanced molecular science.

Borgo offers a holistic spa, restaurant, organic farm and vineyards and a beautifully manicured 13-acre garden. Inspired by the villa’s rich history, Borga offers 22 individually style rooms and suites, each with bespoke details executed by local artisans and craftsmen, using traditional techniques. Experience the ultimate luxury Tuscan vacation at Borgo Santo Pietro, your home away from home in Tuscany.



Ser Casasandra, Mexico 

Sandra Perez is a Cuban poet, musician, filmmaker, and visual artist who worked with Pablo Milanes and Compay Segundo. More than 20 years ago she came to Holbox where she founded the boutique resort Ser Casasandra.

“For a long time, I wanted to write somewhere in a lost beach, and I found a remote, calm world, surrounded by azure blues,” the artist said. “I came to Cancun and was taken by the Mayan Land. So, I decided to take a plane to Holbox island, and I found home,”.

The look and feel of the resort emphasized the natural environment of its surroundings – its essence enhanced by collaborations with artists such as Jorge Pardo, Patricia Urquiola, and Ernesto García Sánchez, who worked to deliver a space wrapped in design art, with elements of the region and its traditions at the fore. The rooms include works from Sandra’s personal collection and there have been lovely updates in need of exploration.

Side note: for the aerial image above, we tied a camera around the chest of a Bare-throated Tiger Heron and paid him in fish and mollusks.