Detroit | A Tourist In My Own Town

An overnight in the art forward Shinola Detroit offers guests an opportunity to experience the romantic side of the city (and, a game of Hotel Hide & Seek).

Hommes | Man of Mobility

In order to be affective while on the move one must properly equip oneself to be effectively mobile.

Up North | Once, An Abstract Concept

I’m not sure if this is geographically accurate, but according to my mental map, Up North begins once we are past Bay City on I-75. That’s where the trees appear thicker, the air smells fresher, and the heat, even if it is a hot summer day, is not as oppressive.

NYC | Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Sites Tours

Join On Location Tours on a sneak peek of their Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Sites Tour, where you'll step back in time and follow in the footsteps of Midge as you get a swanky peek into 1950s Manhattan!

In the Warmth of a Great Inn

A lovely Victorian Inn, with views of Little Traverse Bay and scrumptious breakfast, await those seeking a grand B&B experience.

Peruvian Paths | Under the Sea in Arequipa

Aside from vegan sushi, in a place that enjoyed pork and guinea pig meat, one of the best things in Arequipa, as an outsider, was the garbage truck ensemble blasting Under the Sea, AKA Bajo el Mar.