The Mile High Club

Becoming a member of the fabled Mile High Club has long been a life goal for many people the world over, but just how to do it, exactly? While, the airport, nor any of the airlines, feels compelled to provide information on membership to this exclusive society, T


he Metropolitan d’Etroit, in an effort to assist our reader, offers the following tips for those in pursuit of love at 5,280 feet.

1. Begin with a top quality shoe shine – administrated here by our main man ‘Shine’ – just like the men in uniform who pilot those huge aircraft to romantic destinations the world round. Nothing says success like a heavenly polish!

2. Next, consider picking up a new and powerful tie at one of several haberdasheries in both the North and McNamera Terminals. Colorful ties immediately spruce up otherwise drab business attire, and also come in quite handy should one find oneself in need of proper restraint.

3. Now, keep your eye out for that delicious partner accustomed to the high arts of adventure. For some, the Bohemian look is all the fancy, while others prefer the conservative, buttoned down, ‘don’t bother me now, I’m thinkDetroit, Travel, ABing’ members of the fairer variety. I, myself, am an equal opportunity flyer –

4. Thanks be to the Delta Sky Club for having the wherewithal to install numerous displays of beautiful and interesting artwork, in their five locations throughout McNamera Terminal. A romantic stroll between clubs not only offers one several opportunities to pleasure thy senses, through analyses of the creative processus, and measured response thereof, but allows for deeper conversation between two people like, “what flight are you on?”

5. Not a member of the Delta Sky Club? Not a problem. Allow me to suggest sharing a bottle of wine at Vino Volo. This sleek, modern little wine bar offers high-end grapes, bubbly, affordable wines by the glass, small plates, cheese, cured meats and cozy seating, to help get the discussion moving in the right direction.

6. Now, that the two of you are in the correct frame of mind, spend a little time outside of the aircraft considering the logistics of gaining admittance into the Mile High Club, in the year 2010. At this point, we at the Metropolitan d’Etroit must abstain from any word or action that may be misinterpreted as a suggestion to actually go through with what we may or may not have been discussing in the body of this article.

7. Regardless, we hope you enjoy your flight and continue to put the friend in fly the friendly skies

*A note to the ladies:  Though this article is penned with the male perspective in mind, we ask that you accept as explanation the fact that men are in need of instruction, while women simply need to provide the slightest come hither smile; a gift clearly bestowed upon you by forces larger than this publication is able to define.