The design duo of Fotoula Lambros and Emily Thornhill comprise the Detroit based fashion firm of Femilia Couture. Their new collection takes a look at post recession fashion, and is reminiscent of the late 30’s, early 40’s glamour girls, who graced the silver screen in glorious black and white.

Garbo and Hepburn are women who have inspired many throughout the decades, and it is clear that they continue to do so where Ms. Lambros is concerned. “When I watched the film Bringing Up Baby I was amazed with how that beautiful chiffon dress, soaking wet in a pond, played as much a part of the character as did the actor.”

Fotoula obsessed over designs in classic film, but “never knew the colors of the dresses”, and it is with that in mind that Emily and Fotoula formulated the idea of Vintage In Technicolor for their new collection.

Vintage silhouettes, high contrast black and whites, saturated jewel tones, in a twenty-piece collection of burn out silks, silk crinkle and chiffons, all with an eye on what’s happening now. Past is present.

The women who wear Femilia appreciate “theatrical, avant-garde” clothing, and seem to respond to the lines high level of sewing, mixed with a playfulness that, according to Lambros, contrasts sharply with its surroundings in Detroit.

“Fashion is an artistic expression”, Lambros shyly muses “And, Detroit is beginning to express itself through clothes, music and film.” Currently, the girls are providing curtains for the movie Highland Park, staring Danny Glover and Parker Posey. “New York can get really creative but I think it’s happening here too.”

Emily and Fotoula worked together from the ground up, designing during long, odd hours, giving clothes away, until they sold ‘Ready to Wear’ to area shops 323 and Flair Boutique. “We do shows all the time” Lambros points out, “but right now it’s brand awareness over availability”

With a new storefront opening – Dec 1, 2009, Ferndale – the girls plan to begin supplying the ever-growing demand Femilia Couture has garnered through word-of-mouth. With articles coming every week, shows every month, and the 2010 Fashion Group International (F.G.I.) just around the corner, Emily Thornhill and Fotoula Lambros have their work cut out for them. Keep sewing.