Artist Statement

I discovered the art of collage in 2013 when I was given a sticker of an elephant. I was “that” person who didn’t want to stick it anywhere, knowing I could never unstick it, so I made a collage.



I have cut through hundreds of magazines, old books, or anything with pretty images. I hand-cut everything with scissors and keep it simple with a glue stick to place everything together.



One of my college professors (College for Creative Studies) always told me to “make what you want to see in the world”, so my subject matter has always included color, fashion or nature in one way or another, my inspirations in life. I love experimenting with mixing patterns and making mini color studies. I actually organize my collage materials into categories: textures, solids, patterns, botanicals, and people. Each collage is a puzzle to me, finding the pieces that fit together harmoniously to make a new piece of art.


Kathryn Ziegler, 2020