Traditionally, an expression used by the French whilst referring to children who are terrifyingly candid, we have found that in the spheres of art, fashion, music, and other creative forms of expression, Les Enfants Terribles also applies to the innovative, unorthodox, and avant-garde.

We’ll let you be the judge.

But, first, we’re going to give a little respect to the fathers out there, with a Gift Idea for dad.


Happy Father’s Day!

Celebrate the extraordinary fathers in your life with an exclusive offer from Armitron. Enjoy a generous 25% discount on all men’s styles from June 10th to June 17th.

Armitron’s watches blend style, reliability, and affordability, making them the ideal choice for this special occasion. We like the Armitron Blueprint, 42mm, in Iridescent. Crafted with precision and sophistication, this watch from Armitron’s Blueprint Collection boasts an eye catching iridescent plated metal band that sets this piece apart from what are often boring timepieces. Its sleek 42mm case size provides a contemporary look, while the stainless steel bracelet ensures durability and comfort. With its timeless design and reliable quartz movement, the Blueprint Iridescent is an affordable statement piece for any modern gentleman ~ $175



Music plays a vital role in a child’s life, fostering intelligence and brain development. According to renowned child psychologist Howard Gardner, exposure to music enhances cognitive abilities, spatial-temporal skills, and language development. Research, such as the “Mozart effect” study by Frances Rauscher, suggests that music positively impacts memory, attention, and problem-solving. Engaging children in music from an early age can have profound benefits for their overall growth and intellectual capabilities.

The ukulele, originated in Hawaii during the late 19th century, has gained popularity worldwide in the 21st century. It has captivated musicians and celebrities alike. Renowned musician Jake Shimabukuro describes the joy of playing the ukulele as a “source of pure happiness.” Its cheerful and infectious sound, combined with its compact size and ease of learning, make it a versatile and enjoyable instrument for people of all ages. Strumming the ukulele brings a unique sound, encourages creativity, and a connection to music that transcends boundaries.

We think The Makala Dolphin line offers an excellent first ukulele experience. The Dolphin comes in an assortment of colors with a classic look that sounds great. We were surprised to discover that the neck, build quality, and string action were as good as it was at such a reasonable rate ~ $59



The Boy with Faster Brain Named 2023 National Parenting Product Award Winner

The Boy with the Faster Brain, (March 2023/Softcover and ebook) Peter Shankman’s new book that helps parents and children navigate the scary and confusing world of ADHD, has been named winner of the National Parenting Products Award for 2023. Integrity and honesty are at the core of NAPPA Awards’ mission. For over 33 years, the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) has been ensuring that parents purchase the highest quality products that help them connect and enjoy time with their families.
Peter Shankman realized a long time ago that his ADHD was responsible for most, if not all his success. After starting and selling three companies and writing five best-selling books (including Faster Than Normal, which in five years has become the bible of ADHD and productivity), Peter decided it was time to write a book that focused on children—one that would teach them that ADHD, and all forms of neurodiversity, can be gifts, and not a curse—as long as they understand how to use them.
That’s what The Boy with the Faster Brain is about. Meet Peter, his mom and dad, and Dr. Lisa, who together help Peter navigate the confusing and scary world of ADHD.  Working together, Peter comes to understand that he has a faster brain than other kids and why having that can be the best thing a child could ask for.  The story helps parents explain to children with any type of neurodiversity issues that there is nothing wrong with them in a way they can understand. The story explains that Peter’s faster brain is like a race car.  With the help of his parents and Dr. Lisa, Peter learns how to effectively “drive” his brain.  The important message in the book is that children with ADHD and other forms of neurodiversity are not broken, they are brilliant and learning how to harness their faster brains opens up a world of possibilities.
By the time Peter was diagnosed as ADHD he had started and sold two companies and realized that all the differences that formerly labeled him as a troublemaker were actually his greatest assets. After Peter sold his third company, (Help a Reporter Out,) he decided to focus on really understanding this “faster brain” of his, and learning exactly what it could do. From that, the “Faster Than Normal” podcast and bestselling book of the same name were born. “Faster than Normal” is the Internet’s #1 podcast on ADHD.  Peter believes that everyone has gifts, potential, and abilities far beyond what society has deemed “normal,” and strives to help bring those gifts to life in as many people as he can.  He lives in New York City with his 10-year-old daughter.