BLKOUT Walls Mural Festival returns to Detroit 

Headed by Sydney G. James of DetroitThomas “Detour303″ Evans of Denver, and Max Sansing of Chicago, BLKOUT returns to the North End for the second time! 
The BLKOUT Walls Mural Festival was conceived by Sydney G. James of Detroit, Thomas “Detour303″ Evans of Denver, and Max Sansing of Chicago, as a direct response to their shared history of participating in mural festivals throughout the country, where there is little remuneration for participating artists, and where there is limited racial diversity among the artists represented. These women led artists kick off the 10-day event in James’ hometown of Detroit, and will be painting live throughout the duration of the artistic festivities. This year’s festival is sponsored by the Kresge FoundationDetroit City WallsDetroit Arts and Culture and Entrepreneurship, Vans and the Knight Foundation. Additionally, the founding trio is determined to create a festival that offers diversity to the community, while simultaneously providing economic support to participating artists.