WHO :: 

J.L. Cappella • Photographer, Detroit


 J.L. grew up on the east coast of the United States near Boston, MA. Interested in art, she took figure drawing, painting, animation and sculpture at Montserrat College of Art before she was old enough to drive. 
Ms. Cappella started her photography career as a model, posing for a friend’s album cover at the impressionable age of 14. 
By the time Ms. Cappella was 19 she had moved to Detroit MI, and began alternative and fetish modeling full time, touring both nationally, and internationally. It was here that Cappella gleaned technique and inspiration from the many Photographers she collaborated with, transitioning into a full time freelance photographer. Cappella’s work has been published globally. 
Ms. Cappella takes inspiration from every day life and puts it to use in her work. Currently Cappella is interested in capturing what she perceives as the “Woman’s Journey”, often using her traditional art education as a base for her image.




Moe’s Market Shoe Repair • Eastern Market Shed 4

Open Saturdays between 8am and 4pm, Moe’s Market Shoe Repair offers free shoe shines, with repairs & heels beginning at $25, all while you wait. That’s right; I said free shoe shines. According to owner Moe Draper, shoe cobblers once had a responsibility to repair everyone’s shoes, whether customers were able to pay for services or not, a tradition this veteran plans to uphold. When we passed by the busy space in Shed 4, on a cold holiday afternoon in eastern market, there was a steady flow of customers, who were also dropping bags of clothing, food, and shoes that Mr. Draper and his wife distributes to those in need. These are the people who make for a stronger community, folks. Please, consider Moe’s Market for your next shoe repair. (313) 444.9399






Orleans + Winder • Eastern Market District

Olean Winder

Located on the 2nd floor of a refurbished brewery in Eastern Market is the showroom known as Orleans + Winder, a name derived from cross streets the well-lit boutique overlooks. The space itself is worth the visit, as owner Erin Wetzel and crew have incorporated a beautiful, Parisian inspired, minimalist approach to the art of the sale, with curated clothing and other functional items (including handmade boots, jewelry, metal works, and gorgeous limited editions in print) represented as forms of art. The designers offered here – Form d’expression, Guidi, Lost & Found, among others – promote individuality. By utilizing raw materials for each handmade garment or object, always in monochrome, the wearable work produces a timeless look. (313) 409. 6343