Andrew Kochanowski  is a street photographer based in suburban Detroit. He photographs candid, un-staged scenes, looking for what he calls the indecisive moment. Kochanowski says his role as a street photographer is to help create a photograph out of nothing at all. This unreal reality appears in front of the artist sometimes only for a split second. 

On the Border, Hamtramck, 2016


Detroit, 2008


Detroit, 2015



“I don’t have to be truthful with you, I just have to make you stop and think for a moment.” 



Aliens, Novi, Michigan, 2016


Royal Oak, Michigan, 2016


Southfield, Michigan, 2012


Plymouth, 2014

Since 2007 Kochanowski’s work has appeared in both solo and group exhibits in Detroit, London, Paris, Warsaw, Berlin, New York, Brighton (U.K), Cardiff, Milan, San Francisco and elsewhere, at venues such as the London Street Photography Festival, Brighton Biannale, SF StreetFoto Festival,  Street Photo Milano, Miami Street Photography Festival, Paris Photo Month, and European Month of Photography in Berlin.

Andrew is a founding member of Burn My Eye, an international street photography collective. He publishes current photo essays on his site at 

Find Kochanowski’s street photography posts on Instagram @kochanowskistreet.

(Featured Image: Downriver, Detroit, 2016)