By Amber Valentine



I think I owe you an apology, dear Met readers. I may have jumped the gun on wishing you the happiness of warm weather and outdoor activities last month. I apologize if any of you were freezing your fingers off as you strolled Belle Isle or found yourself marching not du Nain Rouge but right back to your vehicles and straight home to the comfort of your heated homes. The good news is that it’s April now and while nothing is set in stone, the robins are a-tweetin’ and the sun is shinin’ it’s good rays down upon us! Seems like a great chance to check out the Detroit Institute of Arts and their new exhibit, Dance! American Art 1830 – 1960 (5200 Woodward Ave., Detroit. 313.833.7900). Ain’t nothing like a little rump-shaking to get you in the mood for some spring time antics. And speaking of antics….


Trust The Shooter / Inner State GalleryMet - Trust The Shooter

Chances are, if you’re reading this magazine, you are a fan of Detroit in some sense. Maybe you’re even a fan of photography. Personally? I’m a huge fan of a photography so for me, Trust The Shooter at Inner State Gallery is a not-to-be-missed exhibit this month. Curated by Detroit photogs Jeremy Deputat and Rick Williams, Trust the Shooter features a slew of global street shutterbugs – From Jayscale to Stevesweatpants, all offering their very different takes on life on (and sometimes far, far above) the street. You can even spot a shot of our fair city or two in the mix! 1410 Gratiot, Detroit. 313.744.6505


Met - Kim McCarty


Kim McCarty / David Klein Gallery

Don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for watercolors. Probably my favorite medium, I could stare at a well-done watercolor forever. One of my top recent discoveries so far as watercolor artists goes is Kim McCarty, whose single subjects often recall half-remembered dreams about half-forgotten people that were once so dear to you, you thought you’d never forget them. Wistful, evocative, and beautiful, McCarty will be taking center stage at David Klein Gallery until April 23rd with her show From The Studio with an opening reception on Friday, April 15th. 1520 Washington Blvd, Detroit. 313.818.3416

The Torch Twisters / Ghost! at The Whitney

If you’re looking to have a nice, quiet evening of jazz, libations, and perhaps a spook or two, grab your tarot cards and look no further than Ghost!, an evening at The Whitney. On April 26th, beginning at 6:30 p.m., Detroit’s historic restaurant and bar will play host to a classy night of jazz with The Torch Twisters on the third floor of the The Whit.  While I can’t guarantee any men in white sheets serving you martinis or undead busboys waiting to wipe down your table, I can just about guarantee one of the most scenic nights you’ll have in town as The Whitney is a true treasure of Detroit architecture and a piece of art in itself. 4421 Woodward, Detroit. 313.832.5700


AJJ / Mac’s Bar (Lansing)

Perhaps you’ve heard of the band formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad, now currently AJJ. For the past twelve years, the Arizona-turned-Michigan wit-laden folk-punk band has had a rotating roster of members that has included everything from the upright bass to horns and drums. There’s an interesting juxtaposition between the band’s usually dark lyrics and their quick chord changes, usually in major keys, which stands out great on their albums Only God Can Judge Me and People Who Eat People Are The Luckiest People. Give those a quick listen and if you feel the need, hop in your car and check out lead singer Sean Bonnette sling his guitar solo at Mac’s Bar all the way up in Lansing, Michigan (because it’s Spring!) 2700 E. Michigan Ave. in Lansing


Kelsey Beckett / Red Bull House of Art

If you haven’t peeped Michigan based phenom Kelsey Beckett yet, now is the perfect time to get on it. Check out her amazing Insta-feed and give her a follow @KelseyJBeckett and better yet, stop by the Red Bull House of Art and see one of her stunning oil paintings live in person this month. Beckett’s otherworldly portraits recall the heroines of films like The Neverending Story and The Dark Crystal while retaining an edge of surreal originality that make Beckett an artist to watch in 2016 for sure. 1551 Windsor St., Detroit


Amber Valentine is a multimedia artist from Detroit, Michigan. Check out her instagram @AmberAudra, follow her on twitter @AmberAudra, or start a facebook convo with her about art! She loves making new friends in the city. She also feels the need to tell you that she is not to her knowledge related to Metropolitan sponsors Valentine Distilling Company, though her grandpa did get around a lot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯