By Jeanette Frost

Many changes have occurred within and outside of my body now that I am well into my second trimester of pregnancy. On a beauty note, my skin has never looked better! People have known about the Pregnancy Glow” for decades, but science is not definitive as to why. While hormones may play I factor, I believe it also has to do with lifestyle. Call it, “mother-to-be Intuition”.

  1. WATER – Drink copious amounts of water. Everyone should be drinking 8-10 cups per day, but pregnant women may end up suffering from heartburn, swelling of hands and feet and other fun symptoms if they do not. Needless to say, I’ve never drank so much water in my life
  2. CUT CAFFEINE – Most doctors encourage pregnant women to limit caffeine to 200 mg per day, which is about 2 cups of coffee. Since I lost my taste for coffee once I became pregnant, kicking caffeine completely was fairly easy (though tiring at first). Caffeine can be dehydrating so that is counter productive to skin health. I rely on Vitamin B-12 supplements to give me a nice boost of energy.
  3. VITAMINS – Consuming the proper amount of minerals and nutrients on a regular diet can be difficult, even while eating fairly balanced, that is why everyone should supplement with a daily multi vitamin. Think of it as feeding your skin.
  4. EXERCISE – There’s nothing like a rapidly growing belly to motivate one to do some form of exercise (pregnant or not). Even gentle exercise will increase circulation, which will assist in giving us that healthy rosy glow. Deep breathing increases oxygen that also contributes to “feeding” our skin.
  5. REST – Getting good rest is also crucial to achieving healthy younger looking skin (but, I can’t attribute this to the Pregnancy Glow, because we Pregos have a tough time getting adequate sleep).


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Jeanette Frost is a professional makeup artist with a penchant for chocolate. Find her on facebook for more beauty tips or the recipe for her chocolate torte.