BayonettaHeroines are an integral part of any good story. You need one that is tough, strong, and sassy without losing her ability to be sexy and feminine. Bayonetta decided to crank all of those to 11. There is no balance between sexy and strong, nor tough and feminine, just over-the-top everything so you can’t help but sit back and watch the carnage.

Bayonetta takes every little thing men find attractive and exploits it. Glasses, moles, cat suits, long hair, British accents, break dancing, guns, the list goes on and on. This game is almost too much to watch; but being from the creator of Devil May Cry, you already knew that.

I would love to tell you about the storyline, but I really can’t. It’s quite confusing and I’ve read that the creators did that on purpose, to make you play the game through more than one time. That’s nice, but with the difficulty of some battles, and the fact that I’ve put in 15+ hours to the game and only gotten 95 gamerpoints, makes me wish for the ease of Dante’s Inferno.

I’m not going to say it’s a solid game. There are many things I would change in it. There are more cut scenes than Ocarina of Time, and the actual fighting in the game is quite frustrating, like God of War with high heels and guns.

Despite its shortcomings (lol), it is really fun. Also, there is never a reason to not invent a new heroine for lonely gamer guys to obsess over, and Bayonetta steps up to that plate.

Reviewed By: DharmhXcore