By Jeanette Frost

From celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other to the [sometimes naughty] excitement of Carnival – celebrated mostly in Venice, Rio, or the French Quarter – both holidays give us the opportunity to express our passion. And, to do this properly we’ll need to seduce using three of our finest feline weapons – eyes, lips, and fingertips.

For February is the month of Love …



Windows to the soul, perhaps. But, from Cleopatra to Bette Davis the eyes have been used to alluring effect, moving obstacles and gaining allies through the power of suggestion. During Carnival, for example, when one might be concealed behind a sexy, lace, mask, it is essential that we emote with our eyes. For dazzling eyes, I have found that Color Tattoo, Socialite does the trick. It is a shimmery, cream eye shadow that lasts all day, beautifully enhancing the natural colors of your eyes.





Icon, Coco Chanel said, “A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous.” Who can argue with that philosophy? And, what better time to be both than in the month of Love? Our lips are weapons, ladies, whether we use them to form words or the suggestion of a kiss. So, it is important not only how they look to others but how they feel to us. Rouge Coco 444, Gabrielle is a hydrating formula named for its originator, Coco, whose first name was Gabrielle. It offers a creamy, lightweight finish, comprised of Jojoba and Mimosa Butters, Sunflower Wax and Silicone, leaving our lips with luminous shine. Oh, the boys & girls won’t know what hit them.




“It is only by way of pain one arrives at pleasure,” said Marquis de Sade. And, that is exactly my point when discussing the claws of a lady. Yes, when necessary, we can pull them out like daggers. But why devolve into such things when we can use our weapons for love? Sex should be a perfect balance of pain and pleasure,” says de Sade. “Without that symmetry, sex becomes a routine rather than an indulgence.” And, so it is during the month of Love that we find ourselves playfully toying with the objects of our affection – dare I use common cliché – like an aristocat does her mouse. Quite by accident, I discovered the power of 100% Argan Oil after weeks of using it for my hair. The oil nourished my fingertips, eliminated dry brittleness, and rejuvenated the cuticles. An absolutely lovely surprise I am thrilled to share. 


featured image | Deena