Marie Miles
Big lips and bigger lapels ——> Disco Street Fashion is glitz and shine with a bit of refinement. It’s hot, steamy, slept in, and vibrant; like a dream you drink in all night (waking without the hangover).
Boogie Lips disco drips: taste the sweetness …  
Photographer: Miles Marie 


Creative Partner/ Lighting: Justin Erion @mill35_photo 

Hair and Stylist: Jessi Francis @jessifrancishair 

Makeup: Samantha Kramer @samanthalueur

Model: Justin Sansom @modelchiefjay 


1st look silk pajamas: amazon silver gem necklace: amazon 2nd look tan/white vintage button down: regeneration diamond choker chain: ebay 3rd look pink & white patterned button down: regeneration floral blazer: zara white ripped jeans: forever21