By Anthony Brancaleone

“Restaurant,” says Becky, whenever she answers the phone. The owner of Becky’s Nip n Tuck Diner, located on 11 mile road in Berkley, is usually taking lunch orders when this happens; hamburgers, fries, soups and hot sandwiches, or whatever. But, I’m a breakfast man, and when I sit at the counter it’s usually breakfast that I have.

Though the Nip advertises a ‘Breakfast Special’, hand-written on a paper plate, consisting of two eggs, meat, potatoes, toast, juice and coffee, I usually order my . . . usual: two poached eggs (well), sausage (delicious), rye toast (real butter, please) and coffee (black).

The grill cook is always one of the best short order men in town. Quick and good. The “delicious” sausage that I had previously mentioned is also some of the best in town. I’ve personally heard people at tables discuss Nip & Tuck’s sausage while eating in other restaurants. Not that I need their validation – I know good sausage when I eat – but it does speak to my point.

Open 5am to 3pm, Monday through Saturday, the diner has its series of rushes – floods of students from Berkley High, breakfast clubs, regulars and passersby, who joy in participating in an authentic countertop experience, where ‘locals’ come to eat. If you like breakfast like I do, please put Becky’s Nip n Tuck on your list.

Of note: Small countertop diner with stools, no booths. Breakfast anytime.

3170 11 Mile Rd Berkley, MI. (248). 547.8851 – 5am-3pm