Buyer & Cellar
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The Ringwald Theatre

January 8-31

By Gay Paris

A part of the “Season of Classics”, Buyer & Cellar celebrates one of the most classic performers there is: Barbra Streisand! Be still me heart!! She is the Queen of Queens!!!

Alex Moore has a story to tell. A struggling actor in L.A., he takes a job working in the Malibu basement of a beloved megastar. One day, the Lady Herself comes downstairs to play. It feels like real bonding in the basement, but will their relationship ever make it upstairs?

In a production that runs this month in rep with a second play about the “Lady” herself, Buyer & Cellar stars Richard Payton, and is directed by Brandy Joe Plambeck, Haven’t seen this one yet, my pretties, but you can bet your boots that I am there!

 22742 Woodward Avenue Ferndale MI (248). 545. 5545