After a long day at the beach working on your tan and sipping cocktails, with bikinis strolling along the shore, it’s easy to develop an appetite for breasts and thighs. For me, nothing on the east coast of Michigan satisfies that desire better than the deep-fried goodness of Chicken in the Rough.

According to the cheeky placemat, Chicken in the Rough is responsible for “fried chicken franchising”. Having never seen Chicken in the Rough outside of Port Huron, I’m neither able to confirm or deny that statement. What I can say is this: the folks at this family roadside bar, slash fried chicken coup, know exactly what they’re doing.

Order a delicious basket of chicken and fries and don’t look back. You’re now eating summertime fun. No need to count calories – I promise there are many – but after a hard day in the sun it’s good to reward yourself.

Sure, there are other items on the menu – burgers, fish, ribs etc – but why stray when the owners have taken all the time to dress their chicks and rub them in a secret recipe so mouthwatering you’ll be clucking all the way home.

One word of warning, however: Chicken in the Rough advertises ‘biscuits’ in their menu, when what they really serve are basic, store bought rolls.

Seems a little fishy to me …