Seventeen-year-old, self-love influencer Chloe Pearl recently closed two days of shows at New York Fashion Week, Runway 7, as she presented her eponymous debut collection of 1990s-referenced lingerie.

Young models in towering candy-colored wigs pranced down the catwalk to a French-pop soundtrack, wearing flirty “Chloe Cami” sets in silk charmeuse and the “Rosalie Bodysuit” in pink silk-cotton. On the finale walk, models set off pink confetti wands that exploded over the runway, to cheers from the packed house.

The Chloe Pearl 21-piece “Marie Antoinette Collection” features elevated lingerie styles that look like special occasion pieces, yet have the ease of everyday lingerie. Fabrics used in the collection include silk charmeuse, silk cotton, mesh, and lace. The signature “Chloe Cami” two-piece underwear set in silk charmeuse comes in seven colors: pink, blue, lavender, mint, gold, rose gold and yellow. The “Juliet” bra and underwear set comes in white lace, and the “Violet” cami and shorts set in lavender mesh with baby blue lace.

Blatantly feminine, Chloe Pearl Lingerie is a reflection of its designer’s personal mantra: “Be the love of your life.”

An expressive, conscientious Zennial with a fiercely loyal social media fan base, Chloe Pearl is known for her daringly creative ensembles and inspirational mantras of self-love that she posts on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.
Before creating her fashion line, Chloe Pearl built a customer base and honed her business acumen by selling vintage finds via the app Depop. The Miami-born teen also has a background in costume design and fashion styling. And, she was cool about giving The Met some time during her inaugural show at NWFW to answer a few questions about her line, her mantra, and Marie Antoinette …

Designer Chloe Pearl

“When someone loves themselves it contributes positive qualities to every aspect of their life.”

Anthony Brancaleone: Marie Antoinette and 90s fashion – fabulous – what is it about the eras that move you? And, how did you bring those periods together to form your Chloe Pearl Lingerie collection?

Chloe Pearl: I have a huge appreciation of 90s fashion. My mother and grandmother have closets filled with rare clothing, lingerie and accessories from the 90s. As I grew up, I became captivated by the silhouettes, patterns and use of colors in the pieces. The lingerie from the 90s had always caught my attention. I loved the french-cut panties, cool patterns and especially that in the 90s people started to wear lingerie visibly as part of an outfit. I would watch 90s films and fashion shows and I really appreciated the way fashion was portrayed.  The Dolce and Gabbana fashion shows from the 90s are some of my favorites. Another era I became fascinated with was the late 1700s. I adored the wigs, wardrobe and the use of pastels. When designing my first collection I knew that I wanted to bring back those 90s styles and use pastel colors that were heavily inspired by Marie Antoinette. The styles included lace bras, french-cut panties, silk cottons and versatile pieces that could be worn visibly as part of an outfit. I knew that when it came time for the photoshoot, I wanted to go all out. I wanted to have wigs, pastries and everything Marie Antoinette. So, I did it! 

AB: I understand your collection is size inclusive: With that in mind, what criteria are you using to determine who will model and, therefore, be the “look” of your designs? What do models need to know before auditioning/casting for your runway?

CP: The criteria I use to determine who will model is always about the personality. I look for models who are confident, positive and have bubbly, feminine personalities. I want this energy to shine off the stage and coincide with the feminine, bubbly energy of the pieces. I would tell models who are auditioning for my runway to just be themselves! 

“I look for models who are confident, positive and have bubbly, feminine personalities.”

AB: At age 17 you are among the youngest to show at NYFW: Is your collection designed strictly for teens? Are you opening the teen lingerie market? Or, is it open to enjoy for all persons over 18? Where do you see the line of appropriateness?

CP: No, my collection is not designed strictly for teens, it is designed for everyone and anyone! I believe anyone that would like to wear lingerie, should be able to! There is a common misconception about lingerie, people believe that you should wear lingerie for others when you should wear it for yourself first. This is a message I strongly convey through my brand and because of this I believe that there is no line of appropriateness. 

AB: Can you tell us a bit about the art, film, music, books you’re into?

CP: Yes! I love art, films and books! My favorite of the three are films. I have a passion for films from the 80s and 90s. Some of my favorites include Pulp Fiction, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, Scarface and so many more! My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. I also have a strong appreciation for European paintings, In the Meadow by Auguste Renoir is my favorite. 

AB: As an Influencer you are perhaps best known for your ‘Self-Love’ mantra: Will you explain your thoughts on Self-Love and cite an example of when it has helped you in your life?

CP: I believe self-love is the most important thing for anyone to have. When someone loves themselves it contributes positive qualities to every aspect of their life and to those around them. Loving yourself means knowing your self-worth, it means holding yourself to a high esteem and it means always choosing the best for yourself. Self-love allows for so much kindness because people who love themselves feel a certain security within themselves that they have no reason to hate on others. Self-love is a journey and everyday I notice ways that I change for the better. Loving myself has allowed me to follow my dreams, it has given me the confidence and self-assurance to face my fears and make my dreams become a reality. It has allowed me to push past all those fears and start a lingerie line at seventeen and have a fashion show during NYFW! 

AB: Are you able to share with your male audience the 3 items they should have in their closet for 2022?

CP: Yes! In 2022 every male should have a black basic beanie, a statement cardigan, and a pair of cool classic sneakers in their closet! 

AB: And, finally, did Marie Antoinette really say, “Let them eat cake”?

CP: No, I do not believe Marie Antoinette said this.

AB: Thank you, Chloe. Be well!