My introduction to White Pine Coffee was through Steve and Tony Selvaggio at Western Market (Ferndale) where the roasters were preparing for a day of free tastings. There, I sampled a medium roast. Next, I met co-owner of White Pine, Brad Kopek at Rustbelt Market (Ferndale) via Chris Best, co-owner of the market, who was quick to direct me to the flavor profiles offered by this Michigan micro roasting company. It was there that I sampled a dark roast, and I am pleased to announce that I am now the happy owner of 12 oz of White Pine Timber Cruiser.

White Pine sources coffees from around the world, and offers signature blends and single origin reserves, roasted in what they refer to as “Lumber Camp” in Lake Orion, Michigan. Drink and be well, readers! (248). 221. 5136