EMAILS & TEXTS to the editor


Montague & the Dog n Suds 

I want to thank you for the wonderful article in the Metropolitan. I am so pleased that you enjoyed your visit to Montague and the Dog ‘n Suds Drive-In. My family works very hard to keep this little piece of Americana alive, serving those delicious Char-co broiled burgers and keeping the icy cold draft root beer flowing.

Keep spreading the word about all that Michigan has to offer,



Something About Mary

The cover of the July issue “Join Or Die” was a welcome surprise, as I prepared to board my plane. The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights are documents each of us should read as often as possible. Thank you for printing the work of our forefathers in your very fine paper.

I am in the Detroit area for business regularly and have made good use of the information you provide. In fact, I have little trouble in stating that The Metropolitan is the most entertaining and informative publication found in any airport.

Keep up the good work,

Mary Kate, Philadelphia


 Born & Raised In Detroit

Being someone born and raised in Detroit, a Michiganian most of my life, now residing in Florida, your first class paper brings tears to my eyes and a feeling of something stuck in my throat. What glorious memories arise and come alive again. The picture is bright, I see it all vividly, almost makes me feel guilty I left it all behind. Every edition is a gem, all shining equally. Hey guys, stay loyal. Keep up the great work and keep those future editions rolling.


Norb Bryl, Florida


Is it my imagination?

Is it my imagination or has your competitors begun to chase you by attempting to upgrade their content? Even their paper stock has changed since The Metropolitan hit the stands. If imitation is the best form of flattery you can thank Real and Metro for following your lead.


Wayne State student, Detroit

Editor’s reply

Really, we hadn’t noticed? Thank you for the kind words and thanks to Real and Metro Times for continuing to do good work.


Happy client!

The first words that come to mind are a bit unprofessional, so I’ll just stick with this is an amazing ad! Thank you SO much! Your design dept is very talented. This is something I have always pictured our ads looking like, but no one has ever created as an option! I love it!

Thank you,

Lisa Boyd

Essential Massage, Ferndale

Editor’s reply

You are very welcome, Lisa. We appreciate your business. And, if any other business out there is in need of assistance with their advertising know that we are here to help.