Emails to the Editor



I picked up one of your papers on my way to my departure gate. You know one has to like anything “free” after having to pay $15.00 per suitcase so I could have a change of clothes with me while in California. But after settling down in my seat and preparing for take-off, I found myself forgetting about the hassles of flying commercially and wanting to finish reading your take on Detroit.

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy reading your paper, but suddenly I couldn’t wait to get back to Detroit as this urge to have lunch at Supino’s Pizza somehow wouldn’t leave my mind. Nice to learn of new and unique places to have lunch in the City that I love.

Thanks Tony. Enjoy reading your thoughts and I hope you continue to let us know where these hidden gems of culinary delights are at.

Sincerely, Martin Klemet



Just finished reading the Metropolitan – great edition, really well done. Love the Frankenmuth story . . . is it true?

Whitney Mitchell Krusniac



Mr. Anthony:
I have flown into Detroit two times this fall… My business plan for 2010 includes at least one visit a month… My last visit included picking up one of you newspapers…. Let’s all work together and get the word out…. There is to much to Detroit to let it go!!!!!!! If you could be so kind as to forward me 10-15 copies of you next publication…

I would make sure they get to the people that are willing to help…

Best regards,
Clinton Allen, Denver Colorado



Ever watched a fast-paced game of team handball? Racquetball? Ever watched a ballet? The first time I was at Nip n Tuck, many years ago, Becky was at the counter and her Dad on the grill. Becky would take and deliver orders, mentally calculate bills, setup and cleanup …. everything. Hands always busy while interacting with all the customers. It was ballet and handball all in one. That started me returning, just to enjoy the performance. And, yes, I enjoyed good, honest food, and the family running it all. Of course she has more help now. Customers often know each other, and Becky seems to know everyone. She always asks about my family, delivers coffee, no water, and makes sure I don’t forget my hat again. We all agree her prices are more than fair …. we just make it up to what we think it ought to be with tips.

Russ, Berkley MI