Letters to the Editor



It’s All Good


The mag looks good man!


Brooklyn, NY


Hi Tony,

Your publication looks pretty good.  Much better than the old piece of s**t they used to have in the airport.

Good luck,


W. Bloomfield, Mi.


Hi Nick:

I had a chance to view your paper. I loved the letters to the editor. They are nice testimonials.

Ingrid Ault

Executive Director, Think Local First

Ann Arbor, MI



Hey Tony,

The paper looks great online but I prefer the hardcopy; nothing like reading the paper in the morning with a good cup of Joe, before I head to school.

Cody Gomez

Warren Mott


And Be Grateful Your Flight is Delayed

Believe it or not, many a barista in this town possesses a talent outside the robotic duties of steaming up the milk and serving up the lattes. So the next time you see a copy of Metropolitan, enjoy The Cynic Next Door. That is, enjoy a diverting cartoon strip created by a certain Julianna Counts — who evidently learned an existential joke or two while waiting on a certain hack writer in Royal Oak with an insatiable caffeine habit. Julianna’s current and previous forays into the depths of Diogenes are yours at themetropolitandetroit.com.

Robert del Valle, REAL DETROIT, Jan 2010


NOTE: Hey, thanks for the nod del Valle –