Please forward to Thomas Brank if possible. Also, how do I sign up to get your paper? Did not know of it until someone just gave me a copy today. There is a great article on our club.

Mr. Brank,

I want to thank you very much for your kind article on the DYC. Great job! This is what we all need. Sometimes it is hard to find a glimmer of light in such hard times, but you did.

You are absolutely correct in that, we are fighting to keep this great club sustainable for another 140 years. I actually came to the DYC as the new Executive Chef in early 2008. Long story short, they really liked the crab cakes and what I did to turn the food service around. I became the GM soon after and brought my good friend, Chef Ken Dixon along for the ride. I actually started my culinary education in your neck of the woods – Northwestern Mich. College in Traverse City.

We are hanging tough with about 700 members now and looking forward to a great summer. The club is not in debt and we will continue to reinvent ourselves to show people why we have something for everyone at the DYC. We continue to work well within our community and are doing everything we can to support Belle Isle and the City of Detroit. Our members and staff are some of the most passionate people I have ever been around. You will not see us sit idle during these tough times. We will continue to adapt to our surroundings just as the club has had to do over the last 140 years.


Paul Hughes General Manager Detroit Yacht Club


One thing led to another . . .


I met your brother at the YMCA on Saturday and we got to talking about Polish foods…which then got to talking about The Metropolitan dEtroit. He gave me a copy of the May issue…I like it! Thought you might enjoy a trip to a tiny little place called La Petiit Zinc (Trumbull & Howard). It’s a little tiny French place that has a great patio (and some solid crepes).


Kristen Kaszeta
Director of Communications & Special Projects Think Detroit PAL


To The Metropolitan Detroit, and His Most Royal Majesty,

It is so wonderful to finally see the feline demographic being represented in this most prestigious paper. The May issue was a delight to read as my human servants gave me my daily massage and grooming. On behalf of the most noble of species, I thank you most wholeheartedly. Keep up the fine work!


Her Most Noble Empress, Suki

PS: meows meows HMRM!


Space Age Love Song

As I sit in a space-age terminal, sundry preternatural birdcalls sound out overhead. Here a squawk and there a caw, everywhere confusion. All the travelers’ eyes turn ceiling wards, but not a beak or feather meets the gaze. Where are we? Is there a Rainforest Café nearby and the screeches merely animatronic wonders? Or peradventure the birdsong is real and the avian singers shy, ever flitting into some unseen nook to avoid observance, like Boo Radley. Or the Polkaroo. Mystery lurks in the chrome jungle of Detroit Metro.

I always enjoy reading your fine little paper!

Michael Yashinsky
Harvard University, Class of 2011