By Anthony Brancaleone

Now that Detroit is an established food town, with a multitude of new and fashionable restaurants popping up every other week, we thought it might be good to remind our readers that one can still find good food at the local American Eatery.

Golden Fleece

The best Gyro in America

Golden Fleece Restaurant | Greektown

The oldest operating restaurant in Greektown, the Golden Fleece still serves the best gyros in the city. Served hot, and right off the spit, this joint wastes no time in delivering flavor. Skewers of lamb and beef slow cook all day and night, and the plate comes with rice, onion, tomato, tzatziki sauce, and a nice piece of pita. Good service, authentic Greek music, solid fare, from one of the last remnants of Old Detroit.

313. 962. 7093


Zekes Rock ‘n’ Roll BBQ | Ferndale

Stepped into the newest edition of Ferndale’s expanding food scene two nights in row last month. First time at Zeke’s I ordered the pulled pork sandwich, which came with fries, siracha slaw, pickles and onion. Spot on. The bar/restaurant was filled with energy from both the crowd and the fine selection of no nonsense American blues and modern bread basket rock that pumped through its system. Our table loved this place, so much so we returned the following night and basically tried everything on the menu.

(Zekes featured image)

248. 206. 7130


Tienda Mexicana

Fabulous tacos and a nice Mango Jarritos

Tienda Mexicana | Madison Heights

This family restaurant and Mexican grocer, located in John R. Square in Madison Heights, produces some of metropolitan Detroit’s best tacos. We order them just the way they make them, traditional: whether they be chicken, pork, shrimp, or beef, with onion, cilantro and lime. Add to that a Mexican Coke – or a Real Coke – and you have a deliciously satisfying dining experience at an incredibly reasonable rate. The Metropolitan says, “Mucho Gracias!” to Tienda and all of our Mexican brothers and sisters for such a fabulous culinary creation!

248. 589. 1607