The Rouge July 3, July 10-11, and August 7-8

From its first years as a model of integration to Fords use of force to combat the development and growth of organized labor, the Rouge indelibly shaped the history of Detroit and the manufacturing world.  Early archival footage combined with photographs and interviews help tell the intriguing story of one of the most famous industrial workplaces ever.  Run time: 46 minutes.


Detroit: Remember When, Vol. 1 Motor City Memories and Hometown TraditionsJuly 17-18 and August 21-22

This wonderful film unearths Detroit history, explores its musical legacy and examines its architecture, politics, sports legends and landmarks. From Briggs Stadium to Boblo, Black Bottom to the Boulevard, this made-in-Detroit documentary captures the true spirit of this remarkable city. Run time: 44 minutes


Detroit: Remember When, Vol. 2July 24-25 and August 28-29

This installment explores the American dream and the automobile through 100 years of Motor City memories.  From the vision of the assembly line to the roar of the V-8, see how Detroits promise of a better life attracted thousands to the City of Champions. Run time: 66 minutes


Radio Priest – July 31-Aug 1 and September 4-5

Highlighting the rise of Father Charles Coughlin and the nations changing attitudes toward him throughout his career, this film explores several decades of his influence.  Learn about the building of his radio empire, the expansion of the Shrine of the Little Flower as well as why there was a new post office in the city of Royal Oak during the height of his career. Run time: 24 minutes.