Born Blair French, a Metro Michigan Native, Emcee, Producer and friend of good nature since 1995,  French released his debut album Boxcar Portal in 2009, under DIAL81, on the indie labels sUPERIOR BELLY and EXB MUSIC.

If the INterior Project’s ‘living room sessions’ are the after party, Boxcar Portal is the all night, non-stop, one-way ticket to trippy good times. 18 tracks of cosmic hip-hop, trapped somewhere between the Dust Brothers, Tribe Called Quest and a 70’s exploitation flick, DIAL81 features the throw down offerings of Emcees Skrapz, Kadence, Count Bass D. and Beverly Fresh.

I’d point out track highlights but I strongly urge you to start at the beginning and just let it flow. Then go back to beginning and do it all over again. –AB

Boxcar Portal – sUPERIOR BELLY RECORDS – –