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Michael Symon’s ROAST

Nestled inside the Book Cadillac Hotel, in the heart of the Motor City, awaits Iron Chef, Michaels Symon’s Roast, a perfect venue for Valentines to enjoy cocktails, the Beast of the Day and a little romantic foreplay. For him, begin with the Metropolitan, a cognac based martini – and our obvious choice – while the lady tickles her tongue on a liquid diamond, Champagne Cocktail, designed exclusively to let her guard down.

Next, explore the Porterhouse For 2, three pounds of medium rare meat, sliced perfectly away from the bone, served with roast steak sauce and pickled green tomato, and presented on a pure virgin white platter. Please, allow 30 minutes – or two more cocktails – for delivery. Share an order of Rosemary Fries, piled high in a shiny stainless steel cylinder, and soon you and your companion will be ‘accidentally’ bumping fingertips over Roast’s homemade ketchup.

Finish with the grandeur of the Butterscotch Crème Brulee, traditional caramelized top, using just one spoon for the both of you. Oooh, that’s it, one more bite, nice and slow, we’ve got plenty of time. But, whatever you do, resist the temptation to spoon-feed one another, for that, my darlings, would be cheesy . -AB

1128 Washington Blvd Detroit Mi. 48226 313.961.2500