By Anthony Brancaleone

For one of the more satisfying experiences two Valentines can have, cozy up with each other in a vintage red vinyl booth at Louis’ Pizza. Open a bottle of Chianti – the kind that’s lovingly embraced with fine wicker – and take a good look around. Those people you see are called ‘regulars’, and they have been eating at Louis’ for decades.

Now, order the irresistible Antipasto Salad and lets see if you love birds are able to whisper sweet nothings into one another’s ear, once you’ve had your first bite. Though, I am unable to confirm this comment, I strongly believe Louis’ has been slipping something with addictive properties in their salad dressing.

Up for a challenge? Tell me the color of your lover’s eyes once Louis’ deep dish arrives to your table. A warm square of gooey love – always served on a round tray – with comforting cheese and perfectly burnt, crisp edges, will send endorphins shooting through your body screaming for more.

But, be careful, little ones. The goal is to excite them and get em’ home, not put em’ to sleep through over indulgence. Save the rest for breakfast, my sweet?

23141 Dequindre Hazel Park, Mi. 48030 248.547.1711