Spanish Coffee | Image AB

Spanish Coffee | Image AB


Every Step into Tom’s Oyster Bar and understand what it’s like to enjoy a cocktail or, in this case, a coffee drink, expertly made by the genuine and professional tender of said bar, known by all, simply, as Frank. According to Mr. Boston’s official Bartender Guide, a Spanish Coffee typically consists of both coffee and Spanish brandy, and is then topped off with whipped cream, but that fact says absolutely nothing about the art and love Frank puts into these warm and seductive elixirs.

Coating the rim with sugar, adding the brandy, swirling it around the oversized wine glass, before setting the alcohol aflame – heating both the liquor and crystallizing the sugar – are all steps that will have you mesmerized before Frank finishes this café’ coup with good, hot coffee and fresh, rich, real whipped cream.

One of my fondest cocktail memories came late one evening, during a severe winter blizzard, huge billowy flakes of snow falling gently just outside the window, while two girlfriends and I sipped slowly on these delicious creations. Unforgettable. But, one needn’t wait for Mother Nature to repeat herself – any cold evening will do.

Please note: the exact ingredients that go into Frank’s Spanish Coffee are secret. -AB

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