Anthony Brancaleone

When Detroit based, husband & wife, design team EUGENIA PAUL aren’t arguing over whose turn it is to fold the clothes, they’re usually in agreement over how to construct them. “He’s neat and I’m messy”, confesses Eugenia. He’s also shy and she’s talkative, which is why I asked Eugenia to help with the following questions –

AB: What should young women be wearing this spring?

EP: Young women should be wearing Eugenia Paul! Military influenced style is really big along with dresses, white and graphic prints, but it should all be adapted to your own personal style.

AB: 5 items that MUST be in your closet.

EP: Every woman should own a trench coat, a great pair of jeans, a quality pair of black slacks, a neutral blazer and a dress that can be dressed up or down. With different accessories all these pieces can be transformed to fit whatever look you want to rock.

AB: Detroit Style is . . .

EP: Detroit style is made up of different uniform’s depending on who your “crowd” is you got hipster plaid shirt rolled 501’s you got beughetto with tiny tops, tight jeans high heels etc…

AB: Where can we find your clothes?

EP: House Of Chants, Ferndale and our EPSY site.

AB: “If I were Mayor of Detroit the first thing I would do is . . .”

EP: If I were mayor I’d fire and rehire most of my staff.