By Anthony Brancaleone

It’s mid-afternoon, and I have been exploring the city for hours. Haven’t had a bite since an early morning bowl of oatmeal, with raisins. It’s cold and overcast, with that particular multi shade of gray exclusive to Detroit. While there are many options today for a meal in the city, one seems to call to me regularly.

Golden Fleece is now the oldest operating restaurant in Greektown. Inside are the sounds of diners, cooks working before an open grill, the sizzle of flaming cheese, accompanied by the yells of “Opa!”, along with traditional Greek music. Families eat here, off duty cops, city council members, professional athletes, attorneys, laborers and, of course, crack editors of major global publications.

Though, I love Saganaki, Skordalia (which is the garliciest garlic you’ll ever encounter), Shish Kebob, and a variety of other Greek dishes, I always come to Golden Fleece for its Gyro. Sometimes, I get the sandwich. But, usually, I order the plate with rice and red sauce, tomato, onions & pita. If there is a better Gyro in town, if there is a better Gyro in the country, please, somebody email and let me know.

Owner-operator, Yanni Dionisopoulos, has been dedicated to maintaining the heritage of this family owned restaurant. He also works closely with the Greektown neighborhood to bring about improvements, like the recent addition of outdoor patio seating along Monroe Street, and the annual Greek Independence Day Parade.

Full disclosure: Golden Fleece has been a sponsor of this publication, but that doesn’t change a thing. I have been coming to this establishment the whole of my life and have yet to be disappointed.

Golden Fleece 525 Monroe greektown (313). 962. 7093