By Jeanette Frost

Elizabeth Garcia of Elizabeth’s Secret Beauty Bar in Miami shares her top secret recipe for her signature Chocolate Mask that can be used on the face, body or feet.

Looking to hydrate, reverse sun damage or simply firm and tone your skin? Try chocolate! Considered by many to be the ultimate aphrodisiac, because it puts you in a good mood by just the scent alone, chocolate is a natural way to exfoliate with essential vitamins. This delicious ingredient also contains rich antioxidants that help to combat free radicals, which are responsible for aging cells. Elizabeth’s Secret Beauty Bar uses only natural ingredients to ensure this mask gives the ultimate experience.


– 2 tablespoons of Raw Coco powder (preferably organic)

– 2/3 cup water (preferably bottled water)

– 2 tablespoons honey, (organic)

– 5 drops of coconut oil


  1. Use a small microwave safe bowl. Place coconut oil in microwave with honey for about 5-6 seconds.
  2. Mix cocoa powder, coconut oil, honey and stir until mixture becomes creamy.
  3. Apply to your skin using a facial brush (Using your fingers is not recommended). Leave it on until it hardens.
  4. Remove with cool wash cloth in an upward motion.

Remember we are trying give skin a lift therefore always use upward motions.

Signature Chocolate Mask Recipe is compliments of

Michigan Chocolatiers

When I was in middle school adults told us to avoid eating chocolate because it caused acne and made you fat. Never mind those raging hormonal changes during adolescence. Most likely, the bit of chocolate in our diets produced much less harm than the amount of soda, fast food, and heavily processed food items did back in the day. Yet, chocolate was given the bad rap.

Thankfully, for us chocolate lovers, there has been tons of research over the past decade that point to the many healthful benefits of dark chocolate. And, while I am not a doctor and, therefore, not equipped to offer medical advice, I am a connoisseur of fine chocolate. Consider purchasing your next dark chocolate treat at a Michigan chocolatier:

Bon Bon Bon

Hamtramck Manufactory

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Detroit Showroom

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Pete’s Chocolate Co.

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Le Petit Prince Bakery & Patisserie

124 W 14 Mile Rd, Birmingham, Michigan

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Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate

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Jeanette Frost is a professional makeup artist with a penchant for chocolate. Find her on facebook for more beauty tips and chocolate confessions.