As world leaders at COP26 Climate Summit continue debating how to secure global net zero emissions by 2050 and keep to the goal of no more than 1.5 °C additional warming, another conversation is gaining momentum and attention around the world. Led by farmers, ranchers, indigenous groups, health advocates, youth leaders, and environmentalists, it’s all about the regeneration of soil.

“Any solution must have a multi-pronged/all hands-on-deck approach that cannot be diminished solely to the reduction of GHG’s,” says Finian Makepeace. “In the global landscape, the conversation around food and agriculture as both a driver of and a holistic solution to climate change is absolutely essential.”

On November 10th, the Global Landscapes Forum and UN Environment will be hosting a world-wide watch party of Kiss the Ground the movie with a star studded follow up panel including Gisele, Dr. Vandana Shiva and Gabe Brown.


COP26 Event details:

KTG screening // 6:30 – 7:15 am PST // 2:30 – 3:15 pm GMT

KTG panel // 7:15 am PST – 8:00 am PST // 3:15 – 4:-00 pm GMT


COP26 Kiss the Ground Panel


Finian Makepeace Co-founder and Policy Director of Kiss the Ground


Dr. Vandana Shiva – Environmental activist, advocate for TEK sovereignty

Gisele Bündchen   – Model, activist, actress, author, businesswoman

Gabe Brown – Rancher, regeneration pioneer/practitioner

Precious Phiri – Member of the Regeneration International (RI) steering committee; also serves as RI’s Africa coordinator

Daze Aghaji – Youth climate justice campaigner

John D. Liu – Filmmaker, ecologist


Last September, Kiss the Ground the movie premiered on Netflix and has since garnered 5 million views and over 1 billion impressions worldwide, and earned 60 awards. This film has brought increased awareness to the critical need for the climate change conversation to move from one that only talks about GHGs to one that addresses the dire state of our degraded landscapes and their increased susceptibility to risks like floods, drought, and fire. The film brings hope and opportunity as it clearly gives all viewers an understanding that “sustaining” is no longer an option and that regeneration is the most impactful and important contribution that humans all over the world can participate in.