By Matt Counts

The New Year is upon us. The celebrations have been had. By all the Gods, let thy hang over be not too imposing. But, what of those hazily spoken resolutions? The ones to eat better, get in shape, and to be more healthy and productive? Of course you are following through with them, because, dear reader, you have discipline and integrity. But, what should one do AFTER worshiping Hermes in his sanctuary, the gymnasium?Ashiatsu

Sauna | A Finnish word and invention, the sauna is a wonderful way to help relax sore muscles from a heavy workout, and can also help one’s body prepare for endurance sport. Some say that perspiring during Sauna can help the body purge all sorts of toxins and other poisons. This can be especially relaxing when had with a snifter of brandy, and a few cardio-nubiles, of whose company January Man should always enjoy. Just remember the coconut water afterward s, as excessive sweating may lead to low electrolytes.

Ashiatsu Massage | Even with all of the good you are doing for yourself this new year, there still may be some lingering stress, or unwise habits that remain. Or, maybe that cleanand-jerk left the muscles in your lower lumbar unusually sore. Ashiatsu massage is the Japanese art of using one’s feet to walk on the back of the patient, in order to find those hard-to-reach knots and stresses. A beautiful art, that also yields fabulous results, Ashiatsu isn’t just for lovers of fine, female peds; it is essential therapy for gentlemen.

book_tao-te-ching_enTao Te Ching | Now that you have sufficiently exercised and relaxed the body, why not do the same for the mind? The Tao Te Ching, by Laozi, was written in the 6th century B.C. for just this reason. It is both an exercise in the strengthening of the mind, through meditation on the topics of “the Way”, and also a means to calm the mind from all one’s preconceived notions of what is, or is not, important. Thousands of years of meditation, transferred to you through such a humble medium, is enough of a meditation in itself to elicit wonder and awe. And, isn’t that what one most needs in an ever changing world?