By Matt Counts

Buddha once said, and I of course am paraphrasing, “Question everything, even me”. This is a true statement. One should always question the status quo, no matter the size of its belief. Anyone who says otherwise is one whose opinion should be discarded as quickly and as aggressively as possible.

The Anunnaki: Ancient Sumerian texts, also known as the Emerald Tablets, describe a group of beings coming down from the sky and creating humans. The “Anunnaki” made man in their image in order to mine gold to take back to their planet. Many say these are mere fables, told around camp fires for years and years. However, human beings are not that daft. We had less distraction in ancient times, and were better able to observe our Earth and sky without the halo genic glow of modern bulbs. Perhaps, the reason we cannot find the “missing link” is that there never was one. If so, we may have the Anunnaki to thank. youtube: Anunnaki


Nibiru or Planet X: The word Nibiru is an ancient word meaning “to cross”, which is also what the ancient text says the rogue planet Nibiru, with its negative-to-ours orbit, will do sometime in the near future. It is possible that Planet X may collide with Earth in a most inconvenient fashion. According to author and historian, Zecharia Sitchin, however, Nibiru is home to the Anunnaki, giving hope that they will save humans from uncertain peril. This belief is also reflected in Sumerian mythology and theology. Is Nibiru in orbit hidden behind the sun? Will it between earth and the sun, or will it collide with earth during its next orbit? Was the band The B-52’s thinking of this when writing “Mesopotamia”? For answers to these and more questions, youtube: Nibiru, Planet X, and Zecharia Sitchin.


The Flat Earth Theory: Recently, pop scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson made a statement that Mother Earth was more of a pear shape than a true sphere. Now, I do prefer certain things to be bottom heavy, but this is quite contrary to what we have been taught in any modern public schooling establishment. If the earth is pear shaped, why are NASA’s photos of earth spherical? Why are globes spherical? Others, like former NASA operational graphics manager, contend that Earth is flat. F.L.A.T. Sounds impossible? Depending on the equation one uses, you can mathematically “prove” Earth’s sphere-ness, or its flatness. Please, enjoy the following equation and don’t believe what NASA and Big Brother are telling you.


For further reading, please observe: or YouTube: Flat Earth