By Anthony Brancaleone

According to neuroscientist, Dr. Henry Mahncke, being a dad is good for the brain. It tends to drive brain health in a positive direction. Having been a father of five and three year old boys for, I guess, just over five years, I can say – anecdotally – the good doctor is correct – I have learned more about dinosaurs, monster trucks, trains, and tornadoes than I ever thought possible …

More importantly, I’m constantly reminded of the importance of time, proper storage, and keeping dry.



In Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, he says TIME is relative – the rate at which time passes depends on the observer’s frame of reference. “To those of us who believe in physics,” Einstein wrote to the family of a friend who had passed,” this separation between past, present, and future is just an illusion, if only a stubborn one.” So, what’s the point of keeping time? What difference does it make if we are “on time” or going by our own clocks? For that matter, does TIME even exist? 

Well, if you’re one who is waiting for someone or something to show you the way, the folks at Reservoir Swiss Made have developed the SonoMaster Chronograph, taking inspiration from measuring instruments widely used in the world of sound or Hi-Fi. The two retrograde hands reproduce the hands of power measurements or VU meters from analogue stereo amplifiers. The watchmakers satisfy the strictest professional requirements in order to be recognized, Swiss Made. 

Often, when I find time moving too quickly, I stare at the face of my watch, counting each tick of the second hand. Does it actually slow time? Well, as Einstein suggests, it might for me. But, I’m convinced  that elsewhere it keeps moving. And, if that’s the case, why not keep track of it as precisely as we can – $6,350.00



Gentlemen. Fathers. Dads to be. Most of us like everything in its right place. Whether it comes from grandaddy explaining how to outfit a tackle box, our fathers instructing us on how to maintain our automobiles, or we as dads finding the right storage for Thomas the Train track and accessories, we’re constantly reminded of the importance of being organized. Another kind of storage equally, if not more, important – the keeping of photographs, family and professional video, audio, and all those important e files and projects we have accumulated through the years. While there are plenty of drives on the market the Envoy Pro Elektron is about the fastest, most durable, portable storage solution I have used in my line of work. The link will give you all the specs but what it can’t describe is the confidence one has in handling a solid, compact, waterproof, SSD in a variety of environments; with the knowledge your priceless data is secure. Works very nicely with my production work flow, editing on the go, moving cross-platform – for me, it’s simple and reliable – 480GB $129



While the Apex Mid Zip is designed for athletic hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, who tend to move fast and with confidence over rough terrain, I’ve discovered the 100% waterproof construction of these high Indurance treks by The Original Muck Boot Company to also be handy during diaper and/or potty training time. Though a special moment between father and son potty time brings a number of surprises. So, it’s best to be prepared. As the boys have grown so too their experiences. With spring comes the sporting season. Round these parts things can get pretty mucky real fast. Baseball, soccer games, rains and big storms, flooding fields, as well as neighborhood streets, are easily navigated in these boots. And, for me, it’s a plus that they’re stylish – not only for the Yoga legging, soccer mom, sect that dominate soccer Saturdays, but also those adult, urban excursions, where you and your significant other can steal away for a cocktail – $155

Oh, they grow up fast, don’t they? Another reason to keep your boots on – all those moments lost in time, like tears, in rain …


Featured Image: domenika roseclay


works of art from my boys

Post Script

Of course, gifts are nice. And, for those who are able to purchase them, good for you. I hope these suggestions for products are helpful. But, for most of us in the Dad game, all we really want from our children is to spend more time with them.

And, perhaps, something handmade, with love…