When you are in your power, you are joyful, optimistic and excited about ideas. When you are insecure or feeling out of it, every conversation feels critical, every offer seems overwhelming. You are back in that powerful mood in July. Destiny or “Lady Luck” has a few gifts for you. Opportunities you imagined long ago (and kind of gave up on) are right here now. Those clients, retailers and big production houses are calling YOU actually. You are not chasing this time.

The problem is, after a few seasons of debilitating disappointments and a complicated conflict resolution process, you are not as eager to jump in as you once were. You’ll set out on some adventure anyway, wondering where your next grant or investment cheque is coming from. Just do the work. Get busy on the parts you can reach. Make the bookings. The money will come by month’s end.

Modern intuitive Erika Schweizenheimer uses tarot readings to bring clarity to relationships, career and politics. She writes tarotscopes that offer direction in a mad, mad world.