An Insta Profile That Considers the Motivation Behind the Use of Our Devices 

“I started thanks4beinghere because I kept seeing everyone on their phones when I was out to dinner or at a museum or at a backyard bbq. And it just came out, well thanks for being here guys. Like, thanks for waking up, getting ready for your day, driving your car or riding your bike to hang with me and now you’re just staring at your phone, which you could have done at home anyway.

 Now a lot of other people have joined the cause and are capturing these tender moments and sending them to me. Then I can come up with imaginary scenario of what is going on in the pic.

 I don’t hate cell phones, they are incredible tools. They allow you to basically have the full wealth of human knowledge in your pocket. All I’m saying is sometimes you should leave it in your pocket and keep your head up with everybody else, be ok with silence, it allows us to keep the conversation going. Or just log on and check the fuck out.”

 – thebb