By Jeanette Frost

We’ve been listening to mothers on their socials going on about their needs on Mother’s Day. Apparently chocolate, flowers, and luxury soap are no longer acceptable expressions of one’s gratitude. How sad (I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate?). Anyway, I’ve been thinking of items that moms can share with their children (in my case, two little boys) to help celebrate the experience of being a mom …

Hope you like them!



Armitron Watches

“There are 60 seconds in every minute, 60 minutes in every hour, 24 hours in every day, resulting in 12 hours of AM and 12 of PM that – due to the rotation of Earth – denote day and night; which, due to our 12 month calendar, where each month is comprised of 30 days – though some have 31, and one has 28 (except every four years (that we call Leap Year) when it has 29) – does not always coincide with light and dark, as it takes one human year for Earth to revolve around the Sun, thus creating four seasons (winter, spring, summer, and fall) that change the amount of daylight (and climate) in any given region on the planet.”

“What are we talking about?” my youngest asked.

“I’m saying there is only so much time in the day and that when we are running out of time, and practice is at six O’ clock, that I would like you both to help get ready.”

“How do we know when it’s six O’ clock?” he asked.

“Here,” I said. “Put this on.”




befree | zip Ons

These adult, lightweight zip Ons from befree are functional, comfortable and (so far) pretty durable. And, they’re cute – in a sort of  Soccer Mom kind of way. Whether or not befree knows it, their athletic pant does receive a certain amount of attention round the pitch. Which, is where I have been sporting them. Zip Ons unzip completely on both legs allowing one to layer over yoga pants (or, whatever else you have going on under them). And, I like that – layer, layer, layer.

beefree’s real mission, however, is to help children who may be struggling with accessibility – those with temporary or permanent disability issues. Not only are zip Ons helpful for Youth in need of inclusive athletic wear they also Look Great On All the Kids! So, moms and their children can share in the joyful experience of showing up to the field looking like a Team!



Loog Mini Amp

After a long day of getting our children ready for school (personal hygiene, dressed, breakfast), Homeschooling our youngest, hitting the playground, lunch, after school sporting activities, art classes, etcetera (plus, my own work + career endeavors), there is nothing I crave more than the sound of my boys jamming out on their Loog Guitars. And, just when you thought they couldn’t get One Louder, my husband discovers that Loog offers additional amplification!

When you need that extra push over the cliff (and, I’m not just quoting, Nigel, but speaking from a very real place in the hearts and minds of mothers), know that your Enfants Terribles can also go to 11!

So, Kick Out the Jams, Mother**ckers !!!