d’Etroit iz my mistress. She iz my life. She iz my blood. When I lust, I lust only for her. When I long to be loved, I long only for her to love me. If I were to live a thousand lives each would be wiz my petit d’Etroit.                     

From ze moment we met I fell madly in love. We spent much time togezah. Delightful afternoonz flittered away in ze soft warmth of ze sun. Ze were delicious frolics during ze violet hour, and ze were, of course, many dark romps beneath ze light of ze moon.

d’Etroit iz mine and I was surely made only to be herz.

But, d’Etroit is a mercurial sort. She is an unpredictable creature, capable of discovering ze hidden depths of ze soul – playing, toying unmercifully, forcing one to love her before seeking new chivalries.

Why do you torment me so? Can you not see it is I, and I alone, who lovez you? Come wiz me and I will take you round ze world. Come wiz me and I will make you forget faux lovers. Embrace me, and tell me zat from zis moment our love will suffer no other infringere.

At your feet I will worship, my petit d’Etroit. May ze intertwined chains of honor and fidelity offer my ravished heart some whisper of contentment. Transport my sadness from having to share wiz you another.

As for ze interlopers I hear speak of you in such a way: Do ze savvy your virtue? Do ze possess hints of your possibility? Away! Away wiz zem all, for it is not you who have betrayed but my rivals.

Fear not, my petit d’Etroit, for I now know ze truth. It is only I whom you love. I promise to deny any foolish attempts to beg me away from your bosom. For, we were together in ze beginning and we will surely die together in ze end.

Marquis d’Etroit