editor_image02They say ‘Print is Dead’ but, of course, we here at The Metropolitan don’t believe them. There is something beautiful about a paper, magazine or book. Words and image, sharing the page on a fine, clean broadsheet offers the reader a tactile experience he or she simply cannot get electronically, a method for writer and reader both to feel connected with one another – and their subject – through the sense of touch.

Done well, a paper can be an artistic expression, an exciting way to share information, as well as to entertain. We look at The Metropolitan as a ‘boutique’ paper – not dissimilar to how a local coffeehouse, microbrewery or a small vineyard looks at their yield – and aim to tell stories, we believe, offer insight to those who wish to develop a deeper relationship with our community.

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, with moments of truth and those we joy in ‘pulling your leg’, The Metropolitan celebrates its One Year Anniversary, and appreciates your continued reading, as we endeavor to find our way, expand, and push boundaries so long as we remain within the confines of good taste.

As all those know, who work in a setting similar to that of a publication, a paper has a sort of a soul of its own, greater than the sum of all those whose labour produced it. It is that which gives a paper its individuality and tone.

Having said that, The Metropolitan thanks its contributors, each and every issue, by citing them in its Masthead, and does so this moment, as it is those individuals who give The Metropolitan its fingerprint.

Further, a free publication of this kind would not be possible without the help of its ad base. Each issue, The Metropolitan is proud to produce a variety of advertisements designed to appeal to a wide range of readers. We ask that you consider our advertisers service or product as earnestly as you do our content. Should one encounter an ad that is not for you, please, do not take offense. For, each is integral in the production of this paper and we appreciate the opportunity to serve these businesses.

Finally, for those who enjoy online service know that we are currently developing a more extensive web site and are excited to bring The Metropolitan reader a more thorough form of communication, with as many options as technology dictates.

Until then, have a seat, relax, warm up to a nice cup of coffee or your favourite cocktail and enjoy The Metropolitan d’Etroit!


Thank you for a wonderful year!

Anthony Brancaleone