By Intuitive Erika Schweizenheimer
May begins with Mercury Retrograde still hanging on. So keep your wits about you. Like a rickety old rollercoaster, it can violently shudder as it comes to rest. Keep your arms and legs inside the car. Literally.
Actually five planets were retrograde in April so May should feel more loose and fresh. Retrograde offers a review period. Issues you might prefer to bury will return and rear their heads. It was a time to solve.
Having fixed all that needed fixing you are now free to feel that bliss. Love, feelings, passion for living, everything you didn’t feel in the winter, you feel it now. Positive feelings are blooming. And the biggest bloom is optimism. It’s the perfect time to make exciting plans for the summer. Your experience has lead you to be the accidental master. It’s time to trust yourself. You can handle just about anything that comes up.
There is still conflict to solve. A dispute you handled will need some editing. This is a very special time for you. Luck and unluck are conspiring to offer you some big life lessons. Sounds terrible, right? Well, do you want to learn now or later in a worse way?
Don’t change who you are to meet the lowest vibration attacks. If you offer good sense and kindness, you can’t be confused into taking the blame. There will be some strong vibes at the end of the month that cause you to worry, overthink things, doubt yourself and attack others. Don’t be that guy or gal. Don’t send any sudden emails. Let things settle overnight. May is a mix of freedom and tension. Greet difficulty with dulcet tones. Handle hurts with fairness. Stay on top of these things. You set the tone.
Modern intuitive Erika Schweizenheimer uses tarot readings to bring clarity to relationships, career and politics. She writes tarotscopes that offer direction in a mad, mad world.