By Erika Schweizenheimer
Tarot Intuitive
Well, last year was a bit of a gong show. We held back, waited, tried to sleep through it or in some cases, panicked endlessly. Now, we have all the answers. There’s no mystery hanging over us and for good or ill, that’s actually better. The sun is starting to peek through those clouds. There will be hiccups- clogged drains and leaky roofs but all tolled this will seem minor now that you’re the master of bad surprises. Stability is the theme for this year. After the last few years, I don’t want to ever hear you say you’re bored. Slow, steady and reliably silly is exactly what we need right now.
Your worry, your memories of things gone wrong are actually worse than the reality. And those thoughts are giving you anxiety. No tablets please. This time, you have to manage your stress with deep breaths, authenticity and yoga. Or some kind of exercise. You are free to steer your own ship now, so do it. That means, you are the one who needs to get up at 5am, walk the dog, drink a coffee, finish Pilates in time to steer your life. With freedom comes responsibility. Whatever you’re going to do, you had better love it. Following pipe dreams and pyramid schemes is for last century. Right now, you need to be proud enough of you to do your own thing. No more busybody, no more hopping in and out of projects- listen to your gut, assess your skills and passions and go forward that way. You can’t be a genius at building escalators but you can be a genius at espresso paintings of your late mother. Focus on what you’re good at. Let go of the beliefs that no longer serve you. I’m excited to see you shine.

Modern intuitive Erika Schweizenheimer uses tarot readings to bring clarity to relationships, career and politics.She writes tarotscopes that offer direction in a mad, mad world.

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