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Surrounded by Detroit, sits the ever changing melting pot that is Hamtramck. Long ago, German immigrants settled the city. Later, came Eastern Europeans (Polish & Ukrainians). Soon after came the Balkans (Albanians, Bosnians, Macedonians). Followed by Yemeni and Bangladeshi. As of now, the Somali. It’s this constant wave of immigration that has made Hamtramck a unique and thriving city; A city where the American dream can be realized – Hence, the plethora of markets, restaurants, and other neighborhood businesses.

Hamtramck is also a mecca for art, music and food.

With affordable rent and space abound, this walkable city is an ideal place for artists. Between its many galleries (Hatch, Public Pool, 9338 Campau, Popps Packing, even Cafe 1923) and studio spaces, lies a thriving & supportive creative community. Recent additions are the beautiful, larger than life, murals that adorn the city from North to South.

Then there’s the music scene – synonymous with Hamtramck’s infamous bar scene. Once home to more bars per capita than any other U.S. city. Many of its bars have since shuttered. But, some old-timers (Baker Streetcar, Plav Post 10, Headcoach) have remained. It’s within these dive bars that you’ll find great local music. This is made especially apparent during the Metro Times Blowout (an annual music festival).

Lastly, the food scene is off the chain! You’ll travel the world sampling various cuisines without needing a passport. An abundance of ethnic markets & restaurants makes Hamtramck the ultimate foodie paradise. Don’t forget to order your Pączki this month!

Featured Dish: Spicy Roasted Brussels Sprouts

02 BrusselsSprouts

Eat your brussels

Rock City Eatery will soon be relocating, so be sure to stop by their Hamtramck location and order this signature dish! The brussels sprouts are perfectly charred, super flavorful, and addictively delicious. Also, be sure to leave room for dessert.

11411 Joseph Campau Ave Hamtramck, MI 48212



Hamtramck Disneyland
A true embodiment of the city’s eclectic nature! Built by the late Dmytro Szylak (a Ukrainian immigrant) who created an outdoor art installation that’s best viewed from the shared Klinger/Moran alley. 12087 Klinger St

Turtle & Inky’s
Many of you have probably never heard of this obscure dive bar, but the cheap drinks and low key vibe makes it worthy of a visit! (313) 365-9863

Lo & Behold
Equal parts record store, resale shop and performance venue. A Hamtramck favorite!
(313) 759-0075

American European Market
The market portion isn’t the draw; it’s the freshly made Macedonian Bureks (a doughy Balkan savory pie) that Gina bakes daily in a variety of scrumptious flavors! (313) 366-2740

Fowling Warehouse
Football + Bowling? Yes. Experience it for yourself if you’ve never been. A great group activity! Plus, there’s beer & live music onsite. What’s not to love!  (313) 264-1288

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