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Mexicantown – a two block radius on Bagley between the Fisher Service Drive and 24th Street – is an area filled with gringo-fied restaurants that serve greasy pools of American cheese drenched foods and disgraced Tacos topped with shredded lettuce, sour cream and yes more cheese. At all costs, avoid this commercialized tourist trap…I’m talking to you Xochimilco fans!

Instead, venture further into this vibrant neighborhood to truly experience Mexicantown. There, in Southwest Detroit, you’ll find a thriving community filled amazing Mexican & Central American markets, restaurants, historic churches, breathtaking murals and art, parks, and a plethora of other great treasures to be discovered.

On a culinary note, be sure to visit any of the taco trucks scattered around this neck of the woods. They serve some of the most delicious and underrated tacos in the area! You’ll find them concentrated along Vernor between 24th Street and Springwells. My personal favorite taco truck is El Caballo (on Springwells in a parking lot adjacent to Charlie’s bar).

Buen provecho!


Featured Dish: Pasteles de pollo

At Pupusería y Restaurante Salvadoreño you’ll find authentic and tasty Salvadorean cuisine.

While they’re known for their Pupusas (a thick masa/cornmeal tortilla filled with

Pastelles De Pollo

Pastelles De Pollo

cheese and/or meat), where they really shine are with their scrumptiously decadent Pasteles de pollo. Empañada-like dumplings made from masa (aka cornmeal) and stuffed with sauteed onions, diced potatoes, and slow cooked chicken. Que rico!

Two other dishes worth ordering with your Pasteles: Tamal de Elote (Sweet Corn Tamale cooked in a Banana leaf) and their Sweet Plantains!

3149 Livernois Ave Detroit, MI 48210 (313) 899-4020


Neveria la Michoacana 
An ice cream shop that makes fantastic Paletas (aka fresh fruit popsicles) and addictively delicious Agua Frescas (a fresh fruit drink that’s refreshing and tasty)!
4336 W Vernor Hwy

Matrix Theatre
Great community theatre with fantastic plays and programming!
2730 Bagley Ave

Honey Bee Market 
Local supermarket with arguably THE BEST Guacamole…period!
2443 Bagley Ave

Sherry’s on Vernor 
Friendly neighborhood bar with cheap drinks and a laid back vibe! 
7631 Vernor Hwy

TAP (The Alley Project) 
A community project of large-scale murals & street art that adorn the neighborhood garages
Located in the alley between Avis & Falcon streets

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