If you have not yet secured your tickets, explore this year’s options here.As you prepare for your visit, be sure to keep on the lookout this week for a continuation of highlights and program reminders from our team, beginning with the below:

  • Didier Viodé at SEPTIEME Gallery (C60) — Viodé’s work is currently presented at the Zeitz MOCAA in When We See Us: A Century of Black Figuration in Painting curated by Koyo Kouoh.
  • We are excited to feature three galleries at the nexus of art and design: Southern Guild (C30), Room57 Gallery (C52), and HB381 (B1). It is interesting to see how gallery models are evolving and interconnecting with alternative artistic disciplines.
  • Sanaa Gateja at 50 GOLDBOURNE (C27)— Will Heinrich of the New York Times recently wrote “…Sanaa Gateja, working in Kampala, … makes gorgeous tapestry-like compositions with colorful paper beads. Made collaboratively with found materials, they offer beauty with a subtext of social engagement, and I was surprised never to have encountered them at a blue-chip art fair.”
  • Ben Sanders at OCHI (Nest) (A15)— Sanders is presenting new small, and medium-sized paintings with OCHI as a prelude to his solo exhibition at the Los Angeles-based gallery in January, where the space will be transformed into a lava rock field installation with massive paintings.

“A balanced curatorial edition that expands from new media to historical presentations to the inclusion of new trends in research-based abstraction across the globe. I am excited about how many solo and two-person presentations are included in this year’s edition. As an art fair, you need to think ahead of the curve in terms of future tendencies in the art world.” — Omar López Chahoud, Artistic Director and Curator of Untitled Art


First up on this year’s extended program:

  • Starting at 12PM— One of our Programming Partners this year and a first-time exhibitor, the Miami-based [NAME] is hosting a dedicated day of podcast panels in The Untitled Art Podcast Lounge, presented by Champagne Pommery. Catch their series SWAMP ARCHEOLOGIES at 12PM, 2PM, and 4PM with an incredible lineup of featured guests.
  • 1PM at Booth A41— INSTANT ART, a demonstrative exploration of an artificial intelligence’s latent space by multidisciplinary artist and curator Fabiola Larios (presented by  Lonely ROCKS)
  • 1PM roaming the fairgrounds— You’ll find Catherine Candor’s “man on the street” style comedic performance, Titling the Untitled until 4PM (presented by The Locker Room, C64)
  • 5:30PM— EXILE Books is hosting a broadsheet release by Kevin Arrow in The Untitled Art Podcast Lounge, where the artist will discuss and hand out his broadsheet, Four Lucky Amulets or Auspicious Symbols for Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Love. Amanda Keeley, artist and Director of EXILE Books, is also presenting a Special Project at Untitled Art this year, called All is well, All is well, All is well at SP5 (Presented by The Bonnier Gallery, B34)