50 years ago women had to rely much more on subtlety and body language to exact attention. Still, there was mystery, born from the allure of being confidently wrapped inside modest 60s era clothing, that exemplified the typical “American Housewife”.

During this era no one captured the world’s attention better than First Lady, Jackie O. Hopefully, we pay the Fashion Icon, along with all the other women who strove to be their best, an homage befitting of the time .



Wardrobe: Red dress: claire tiffany traveler. Blue dress: carol craig exclusive. Orange dress: samuel parnes new york. Pink dress: vintage (lost label). Blue shoes: shoe classics jc penny Red shoes: vintage (no label)


Miles Marie is a Detroit based Photographer and Makeup Artist that focuses on the art of photography as a place where the imagination of story telling and the darkroom converge. She wants to drink the color off c-41 film, see pores on women’s faces, and let the light leak on in.

@nomadic_madam www.nomadicmadam.com

Model: Shannon Lorraine ig: @shan.lorraine

Makeup Artist/ Assistant: Samantha Kramer ig: @samanthalueur