Designs of the Times: 100 Years of Posters at Cranbrook
ArtMembers’ Opening Reception
December 11, 2015

Designs of the Times is the third exhibition in the Cranbrook Archives ephemera series. The exhibition explores both design and history, and illustrates the impact of new technologies and the information age on the poster medium as visual communication. Organized chronologically, the exhibition documents the curatorial, educational, musical, scientific, social, and theatrical events that have enhanced and enriched the Cranbrook community for more than a century. (248). 645. 3300

Poster designed by James Scripps Booth for an Art Exhibition at Detroit University School, 1903.



 In the Historic Room at the Scarab Club

December 17, 2015


“I make art the way some people devour books; it is a self educating process both as a person and as a practicing artist. Paintings are my “words,” the best way I know how to communicate with others about myself, what I understand of the world we share and the things I’ve experienced in my life. This exploration has continued over two decades, learning new methods and techniques, sifting through the detritus, the everyday images and information-saturated world; considering simple, ordinary things that fill everyday life. As the work is refined and re-defined over the years, with images traveling back and forth over time and between media, I’ve found that art is the best way to express one self, especially when images seem to say what words I can’t.” 

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